Together, we can change lives to be forever free of abuse.
We ask that you consider giving through volunteering, helping a friend or donating to critical funding.

Fundraising Events

The RESOLUTIONARY Awards Breakfast, is our largest fundraising event of the year. Celebrating everyday heroes committed to preventing and ensuring the safety of all people against an intimate partner, family violence and sexual violence.

Help Your Friend

Helping a friend or loved one navigate an abusive or violent relationship is difficult and it can also be scary. While every situation is truly unique, this brochure will provide you with a place to start. You may also find helpful information on our resources page.

Donate Time or $$

Together, let’s break the cycle of domestic violence! Volunteers are the heart of our organization. We count on our volunteers for a wide variety of things — from office support, to committee service, to community outreach or special short term projects.

Feel free to call us for guidance too. We’re glad to help the helpers! 585-425-1580

Your tax-deductible contributions keep our doors open. Thank you!

Calling Standup Guys

Find out what MEN can do to prevent violence against WOMEN

Spread the word on social media: #standupguys

At RESOLVE, we believe it’s time to work together with men as partners in ending violence against women and children. For too long, a small number of men who perpetrate this violence have cast a dark shadow on the vast majority of men who oppose — are in fact outraged by — violence against women. While the statistics do tell a harrowing tale, we believe that this senseless violence will only end when men stand up and say, “no more.” Ready to become part of the solution? Check out the links.