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Programs, services and resources empowering professionals to provide a life of joy and peace to domestic violence and intimate partner violence victims.

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Programs & Services for Mental Health Professionals

Intimate Partner Violence Workshop

Survivors and abusers alike often struggle with anxiety, depression and other forms of mental illness; many also turn to substances for relief.

This workshop promotes a greater awareness and understanding of IPV, its prevalence and intersectionality in behavioral and mental health, and empower providers to respond to IPV. The workshop offers 6 Continuing Education Contact Hours/Professional Education Hours for LMSW, LCSW, and LMHC.

Due to COVID-19, this will now be offered as a virtual, two-day workshop by RESOLVE and Tree of Hope Counseling. Our next workshop is October 27 & 28, 2020 from 9am to 12:30pm. Click here to register and for more information

A.C.T. Trauma-informed
Self-Protection Course

Act * Choose * Take Control: Traditional self-defense courses often miss the mark for female victims/survivors of trauma. The idea of “becoming the aggressor”or “fighting back” doesn’t make sense in the context of an attack by an intimate partner or for many individuals who have experienced sexual or childhood abuse. With this in mind,
the course focuses on: understanding trauma triggers and how participants respond when triggers are activated, how to detect escalation and prepare, how to ground yourself in the face of a threat, and how to deflect an attack or remove yourself from danger.

The ACT Course was developed and is delivered collaboratively by RESOLVE trauma therapists and Brazilian Jujitsu Trainers from OntheRight allowing for customization to the needs of the participants. Throughout the course, participants are afforded choice in engagement and exposure, and therapeutic support is available.

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Speakers, Outreach & In-Service

At RESOLVE we know that we are stronger together and the only way we’ll ever break the cycle of domestic violence is by working collaboratively to close gaps in services. Our experienced team of clinical. trauma-trained therapists are available upon request to conduct in-service training with partner agencies, health care providers, faith communities and youth; and we are proud to participate in community events as exhibitors or speakers.

Contact RESOLVE today to make arrangements for your group, 585-425-1580 or

Innovative Tools

Survivor Transition Program (STP)

While RESOLVE intends to continue delivering the Survivor Transition Program directly; we firmly believe that we have to make it easier for IPV victim/survivors, or those at high risk, to access quality care.

We aim to replicate the Survivor Transition Program through collaborative relationships and licensing arrangements in order to improve our community’s ability to address IPV. We believe the structure of the program can be effective in both institutional and private therapy settings.

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RITa® Virtual Health Coach

In 2015, the Affordable Care Act  (ACA) mandated that physicians screen every patient at every visit for domestic violence. The complexity of domestic violence makes responding to it in a primary health setting particularly challenging; as there are so many factors that must be considered for an informed response, many of which are outside the traditional realm of health.

Hearing from physicians about their concerns, RESOLVE partnered with the School of Behavioral Health Sciences Technology at RIT to develop “RITa” the virtual health coach, a software app that can be used in healthcare settings to provide an informed, consistent response to domestic violence disclosure with recommendations tailored to the patient’s situation.

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