April 2020 Response to COVID from RESOLVE

Message From Our Interim CEO, Mary Whittier

Many people have asked for an update about how RESOLVE and our clients are doing. Please know that RESOLVE remains open and is conducting therapy by phone and videoconferencing options like Doxy or Zoom. We are seeing an increase of anxiety, depression and fear in our clients given the current situation.

One of our current clients (and there are many in this situation), is a healthcare provider dealing with patients in a work environment that is unbelievably stressful, while her children are living with her abusive partner. In fact, many of our clients are professional working women, where the only "safe place" is work. For many, that safe place has been taken away due to the pandemic. For others, given COVID-19, they put themselves at risk at work and at home but for very different reasons.

Mary Whittier, RESOLVE Interim CEO

Many have also asked how you can help RESOLVE during this time. We fully anticipate a significant increase and demand for our therapeutic services when we get to a “new normal.” Help us prepare by fulfilling immediate needs on our Wish List or making a monetary donation.

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